Optimization of Economic Load Dispatch with Unit Commitment on Multi Machine

Ranjeet Kumar, Rekha Jha, Ramjee Prasad Gupta


Economic load dispatch (ELD) and Unit Commitment (UC) are significant research applications in power systems that optimize the total production cost of the predicted load demand. The UC problem determines a turn-on and turn-off schedule for a given combination of generating units, thus satisfying a set of dynamic operational constraints. ELD optimizes the operation cost for all scheduled generating units with respect to the load demands of customers. The first phase in this project is to economically schedule the distribution of generating units using Gauss seidal and the second phase is to determine optimal load distribution for the scheduled units using dynamic programming method is applied to select and choose the combination of generating units that commit and de-commit during each hour. These precommitted schedules are optimized by dynamic programming method thus producing a global optimum solution with feasible and effective solution quality, minimal cost and time and higher precision. The effectiveness of the proposed techniques is investigated on two test systems consisting of five generating units and the experiments are carried out using MATLAB R2010b software. Experimental results prove that the proposed method is capable of yielding higher quality solution including mathematical simplicity, fast convergence, diversity maintenance, robustness and scalability for the complex ELD-UC problem.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v4.i2.pp47-60


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