Factual power loss lessening by synthetic supportive exploration algorithm

Kanagasabai Lenin


In this work an innovative Synthetic Supportive Exploration (SSE) algorithm is utilized for solving optimal reactive power problem. Projected algorithm is based on communication between two simulated fabulous creatures as both of them intermingle and voyage to altered zones to find comprehensive minimum. In a definite zone according to the climate altering conditions amount of food can be found will be varied. Due to this reason, fabulous creatures develop seasonal exodus deeds to find out improved food sources. Earlier to exodus fabulous creatures will divide into subgroups in order to find an improved food source. Coordination of sub-groups will determine the performance of the search. Communication and exploration are the two key deeds of the fabulous creatures. Each fabulous creature consists of P members and each sub fabulous creature consists of Q members, which correspond to dimension of the problem. Also, the two fabulous creatures make a decision on the marauder and prey by the sub fabulous creature. Proposed Synthetic Supportive Exploration (SSE) algorithm has been tested in standard IEEE 14,300 bus test system and simulation results show the proposed algorithm reduced the real power loss considerably.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v10.i2.pp%25p
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