Speed control of PM brushless DC motor using sensorless hybrid controller

Mogos Hailemikal Gebrehiwot


Growing need of industrial processes for high productivity is placing new demands on mechanisms connected with electrical motors. To reduce cost and improve performance of the drive system sensorless technique is preferred. The nonlinearity of BLDC motor characteristics is difficult to handle using conventional PID controller. Fuzzy logic to the PID controller imparted it’s the ability to tune itself while operating on-line. The capability of overcoming the shortcoming of individual algorithm without losing their advantage makes the hybrid techniques superior to the stand alone.  The aim this study proposed fuzzy PI+D controller is simulated through a wide range of reference speeds as well as load variations. In this it is developed the model of sensorless scheme BLDC motor with speed controller the response of the rotor speed, electromagnetic torque, stator back EMF as well as stator currents are effectively monitored.The simulation results show that the proposed hybrid controller is unaffected by sudden load torque & parameters variation that has best dynamic performance, good robustness and demonstrated improvements in performance in speed tracking and system’s stability. It can be concluded that the performance of the system is improved using proposed hybrid controller. 

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v10.i2.pp%25p
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