List of Accepted Papers (with minor revisions)


Each paper requires minor changes for it to be accepted. Editors will go through the revisions and gives a final approval. However, it is good to remember that "this status decision" does not guarantee acceptance. The paper will be accepted only if the editors are satisfied with the changes made.

Table of Contents


Michael O Oni
Total views : 106 times
Mina N. Amin, Mahmoud A. Soliman, Hany M. Hasanien, Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz
Total views : 159 times
Rohollah Abdollahi
Total views : 91 times
Mahmoud Ali Farrag, Maged Gamal Zahra, Shaimaa Omran
Total views : 60 times
Fatima Falil, Bénabadji Nourddine, Kouadri Benatman
Total views : 96 times
Miloud Benmedjahed, Rachid Maouedj, Samir Mouhadjer, Abdeldjalil Dahbi, Djamel Saba, Tahar Touahri
Total views : 68 times
Moien A. Omar
Total views : 130 times
Mogos Hailemikal Gebrehiwot
Total views : 190 times
C. R. Balamurugam
Total views : 47 times
Elisângela Martins Leal
Total views : 24 times
Volkan Yamacli
Total views : 26 times