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Vol 8, No 1: April 2019 A comparison study between fuzzy PWM and SVM inverter in NSMC control of stator active and reactive power control of a DFIG based wind turbine systems Abstract   PDF
Habib Benbouhenni
Vol 6, No 2: August 2017 A Fast Strategy to determine the Physical and Electrical Parameters of Photovoltaic Silicon Cell Abstract
El Hadi Chahid, Mohammed Idali Oumhand, Abdessamad Malaoui
Vol 7, No 1: April 2018 A Fault Detection Technique for Series-compensated Lines by TCSC during Power Swing Abstract   PDF
Saeed Rezaei, Mojtaba Khederzadeh, Majid Gandomkar
Vol 2, No 2: August 2013 A Fuzzy-PD Controller to Improve the Performance of HVDC System Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Sarvi, Majid Keshmiri
Vol 5, No 3: December 2016 A Multi-objective Hybrid Heuristic Approach for Optimal Setting of FACTS Devices in Power System Operation Abstract   PDF
Sai Ram Inkollu, Venkata Reddy Kota
Vol 4, No 1: April 2015 A New Advanced Topology for Photo Voltaic Applications Abstract   PDF
Sreedhar M, C. K. Panigrahi, Abhijit Dasgupta, J. Pati
Vol 4, No 3: December 2015 A New Advanced Topology for Photo Voltaic Applications Abstract
Sreedhar. M, C.K. Panigrahi, Abhijit Dasgupta, J. Pati
Vol 7, No 3: December 2018 A New Frequency for Offshore Wind-farm Based on Component Loss Calculation Abstract   PDF
Koganti Srilakshmi, P. Aravindhababu, P. Ravi Babu
Vol 6, No 1: April 2017 A New Method of Insulation Wire for Power Transformers Abstract   PDF
Khalaf Y. Al-Zyoud
Vol 8, No 3: December 2019 A novel matlab/simulink model of DFIG drive using NSMC method with NSVM strategy Abstract   PDF
Habib Benbouhenni, Zinelaabidine Boudjema, Belaidi Abdelkader
Vol 7, No 1: April 2018 A Novel on Stability and Fault Ride through Analysis of Type-4 Wind Generation System Integrated to VSC-HVDC Link Abstract   PDF
Ch. S. V. S. Phani Kumar, T Vinay Kumar
Vol 8, No 1: April 2019 A novel wavelet packet transform based fault identification procedures in HV transmission line based on current signals Abstract   PDF
Ahmed R. Adly, Ragab El Sehiemy, Mahmoud A. Elsadd, Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz
Vol 2, No 3: December 2013 A Simple Approach for Optimal Generation Scheduling to Maximize GENCOs Profit Using PPD Table and ABC Algorithm Under Deregulated Environment Abstract   PDF
Kaliyamoorthy Asokan, R. Ashokkumar
Vol 5, No 3: December 2016 A Step Down Transformerless Single Switch Integerated Buck and Buck-Boost Converter Abstract   PDF
P. Maithili, C. Tharani, J. Nivedha, D. Soundarrajan
Vol 3, No 1: April 2014 A Survey on Quality Changes in Positive, Negative and Combined Switching Strategies in Control of Three Phase Matrix Converter Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Sarvi, Iman Soltani, Hossein Faramarzi
Vol 8, No 1: April 2019 A wide area fault detection algorithm for transmission networks equipped with series compensation units Abstract   PDF
Mohamed A. Ebrahim, Fady Wadie, Mousa A. Abd-Allah
Vol 4, No 1: April 2015 An Adaptive RTRL Based Neurocontroller for Damping Power System Oscillations Abstract   PDF
K. C. Sindhu Thampatty, P. C. Reghu Raj
Vol 5, No 3: December 2016 An Analytical Approach for DG Placement in Reconfigured Distribution Networks Abstract   PDF
Sarfaraz Nawaz, Ajay Bansal, M. P. Sharma
Vol 3, No 3: December 2014 An Application of Ulam-Hyers Stability in DC Motors Abstract   PDF
Abasalt Bodaghi, Naser Pargali
Vol 7, No 2: August 2018 An Enhanced Control Strategy for the Stable Operation of Distributed Generation during Grid-Connected and Islanded Mode Abstract   PDF
Suman Khichar, Yatindra Gopal, Mahendra Lalwani
Vol 6, No 3: December 2017 An STATCOM-based Hybrid Shunt Compensation Scheme Capable of Damping Subsynchronous Resonance Abstract   PDF
F. Reyhaneh Mehdizadeh, Daryoush Nazarpour
Vol 7, No 2: August 2018 Analysis of Six-Phase Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Optimal Parameter Considerations Abstract   PDF
Tanmoy Dey, Amit Kumar Chowdhury, Sk Mehboob Alam, Surajit Mondal
Vol 4, No 1: April 2015 Analysis of Solar Radiation Availability for Deployment of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology in a Tropical City Abstract   PDF
Gbadebo Ismaila Olatona
Vol 7, No 1: April 2018 Analysis of Various Carriers Overlapping PWM Strategies for a Single Phase Ternary Multilevel Inverter Abstract   PDF
C. R. Balamurugan, R. Bensraj
Vol 5, No 3: December 2016 Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for An Optimal Solution for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem Abstract   PDF
Sandeep Bhongade, Sourabh Agarwal
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