Design and development of photovoltaic based grid interactive inverter

G. Vijayakumar, M. Sujith, Dipesh B. Pardeshi, S. Saravanan


In order to trail and produce the power generated on the photovoltaic (PV) array to the grid, a PV exhibit coordinated double lift DC-AC converter used as a contained single-stage micro inverter is introduced in this research. The flowing association of a DC converter, rectifier, and an inverter is used in the single-stage micro inverter to provide high supporting rise with a minimal obligation proportion. Due to the utilization of a greater variety of force-exchanging devices, the flowing association of the converters, however, gives limited change efficacy. With fewer switches and hidden components, the suggested disengaged double lift small inverter is intended to provide high power from maximum power point tracking (MPPT) proficiency, high transformation proportion, and high change effectiveness. The stoop reflections and the small inverter's six distinct techniques are presented. To support the display of the double lift DC-AC converter worked small inverter, the recreation and results of the exploratory proto sort are presented.


converter; grid; MPPT; P&O; PV inverter

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