How do I request to add a missing document?

If a document is not available in Scopus, but fulfills the criteria of the Scopus coverage policy, you can request that the document be added to the database using the Scopus web form. The report from the authors usually will be processed quickly.

Note: If an indexed document is missing from an author profile, you can request to add it using the Author Feedback Wizard. See How do I use the Author Feedback Wizard? for more information.

To request a document be added to the database:

  1. Review the Scopus content coverage policy to ensure the document fulfills the criteria.
  2. Open a web form from the Scopus: Profile and content corrections Support Center.
  3. Select your role.
  4. From the Contact reason drop-down, select 'Add Missing Document'.
  5. Provide the required information in the appropriate fields.
  6. Click 'Send your question'.

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