A novel voltage lifting technique of switched-inductor cell based modified LUO converter topology for water pumping system

Aseela Sweatha, Balasubramanian Baskaran, P. Duraipandy


The persistent exhaustion of traditional energy sources with their impacts on the environment has been initiating a significant interest in a selection of renewable-energy sources (RES) based water-pumping system. Among several renewable sources, solar-PV is the most promising and practical source for water-pumping applications that can be easily installed on a building's roof. The available solar-PV energy is integrated to AC electric motor through front-end DC-DC boost converter topology. Among the various DC-DC converter topologies, a novel switched-inductor type modified LUO converter has been proposed for solar-PV powered water pumping system. The proposed switched-inductor type modified LUO (SI-MLUO) converter have simple structure which delivers high voltage gain with low leakage currents, low current ripples, reduced voltage spikes, low dv/dt stress and high efficiency over the several conventional DC-DC converters. The operating modes and performance of proposed SI-MLUO converter topology is verified by using MATLAB/Simulink tool, simulation results are validated with conventional topologies.


modified LUO converter; solar-PV system; switched-inductor cell; voltage-lifting technique; water-pumping system

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v12.i4.pp416-428


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