A novel PQ improvement in multi-parallel feeder distribution system using multi-convertible UPQC device

Moturu Seshu, P. Kalyana Sundaram, Maddukuri Venkata Ramesh


In the current situation, the use of non-linear power electronic devices in automated industries, arc-furnaces, and adjustable speed drives. The nature of large-sized non-linear loads causes harmonic pollution, voltage interruptions, and voltage sag/swell issues, which are the main issues in modern multi-parallel feeder distribution network. Several mitigation techniques among the above, the multi-convertible universal power-quality conditioner has reliable performance, robust operation and also mitigation of both current-voltage allied power quality (PQ) issues accordingly. The multi-convertible universal power-quality conditioner (Mcon-UPQC) device mitigates power-quality issues by extracting deviated supply voltage and distorted load current by using feasible control algorithm. But, the computational delay, complex mathematical transformation and response delay are the major problem identified in conventional control algorithms. In this work, a novel generalized vector reference control algorithm has been proposed for extraction of fundamental reference voltage-current signals. The performance and effectiveness of proposed control algorithm of Mcon-UPQC device is validated by using MATLAB-Simulink computing tool, simulated outcomes are illustrated with valid comparisons.


generalized vector reference algorithm; multi-convertible UPQC; multi-parallel feeders; power-quality improvement; total-harmonic distortions

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v13.i2.pp382-395


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