Voltage stability index: a review based on analytical method, formulation and comparison in renewable dominated power system

Sarika Sanjay Kanojia, Bhavik N. Suthar


In an interconnected complex power system network voltage stability evaluation is indispensable to guarantee secure power system operation. To further increase the system performance and to make the system safer assessment, the voltage stability improvement is obligatory. In the various literature different voltage security assessment method using the voltage stability index has been presented. Different lists proposed in literature can be utilized to realize the weak buses and weak transmission lines to enacting the countermeasures against issues of voltage insecurity. Additionally, the arrangement and measuring of inexhaustible assets, on the web and disconnected observing of force framework and the measure of load to be shed at whatever point essential. This paper shows a survey on the different voltage stability index from various perspectives. The audit results on various record gives a far and wide logical to perceive the impending works in this field and to choose the best index for variety of applications such as voltage security assessment, renewable energy integration, distributed generation (DG) placement and sizing, online monitoring of the power system, and shedding of load.


DG placement; online monitoring; renewable energy resource integration; voltage instability; voltage stability indices

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v13.i2.pp508-520


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