Performance evaluation of solar-PV integrated hybrid fuzzy-logic controlled multi-functional UPQC for enhancing PQ features

Lingineni Shanmukha Rao, Veera Narasimha Murthy Mogilicharla, Pidatala Prabhakara Sharma, Prathipati Rajkumar


To improve distribution system voltage and current quality, a newly built solar-PV system connected multi-functional universal power quality compensator (MFUPQC) has been extensively used. The proposed MFUPQC mitigates both load and source-side concerns in a three-phase distribution system. Furthermore, as part of the distributed generation scheme, active power from solar PV is injected into the grid or source when solar PV is available. In this context, the proposed MFUPQC was tested in both PQ enhancement and DG integration modes using a feasible control scheme. The proportional-integral controller is used for shunt- voltage-source inverter (VSI) DC-link control, which is not suitable for regulating DC-link voltage at the desired level due to incorrect gain value selection. In this work, an intelligent hybrid-fuzzy-logic DC-link control of MFUPQC evidences the intelligent knowledge base for better regulation of power-quality issues. The suggested hybrid fuzzy-logic controlled MFUPQC device's performance for both power quality (PQ) improvement and DG integration is validated using the MATLAB/Simulink software tool, and simulation results are provided with an appealing comparison analysis.


distributed generation; hybrid fuzzy-logic controller; multi-functional universal; power-quality compensator; power-quality enhancement; solar-PV system

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