A novel hybrid-fuzzy logic based UVC technique for solar-PV/grid integrated water-pumping system

Pidatala Prabhakara Sharma, Lingineni Shanmukha Rao, Moparthi Ranjith Kumar, Malineni Vidurasri


The continual depletion of fossil fuels and increased green-house emissions are persuading the consumers to install micro-renewable energy sources-based water pumping system. Among numerous energy sources, the solar-PV plays a significant role in water pumping application due to its virtuous, environment friendly, noise-free and abundant nature, so on. Along with solar-PV, the grid integrated system enables the continuous operation of water pumping system during varying temperature and irradiance conditions, and also delivers available solar-PV energy to grid during non-functional of pumping system. The above operations are carried by using bidirectional inverter which is controlled by using unit-vector control (UVC) technique. It consists of proportional-integral controller, which is not suited for regulation of DC-link voltage at desired level because of improper selection of gain values. In this work, an intelligent hybrid-fuzzy logic based UVC technique evidences the intelligent knowledge base for better regulation of DC-link voltage and power-flow of bidirectional inverter. The performance and operation of proposed hybrid-fuzzy logic control UVC technique for solar-PV/Grid integrated water-pumping system is evaluated under various operating cases by using MATLAB/Simulink tool; simulated results are conferred with superlative comparisons.


Bi-directional inverter; hybrid-fuzzy logic controller; maximum-power point tracking; solar-PV system; unit-vector control technique

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v13.i2.pp415-427


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