Fractional order sliding mode control for power quality improvement in the distribution system

Khammampati R. Sreejyothi, P. Venkatesh Kumar, J. Jayakumar


This paper presents fractional order sliding mode control (FOSMC) based distribution system compensator (DSTATCOM) for power quality improvement in the distribution system. The three-phase two-level inverter-based voltage source converter (VSI) with DC-link capacitor is used as DSTACOM. In this paper, the FOSMC-based DSTATCOM improves supply current harmonics, load balancing, and reactive power and reduces THD. The sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) is generating gating pulses for VSI. The performance of the presented system is verified in MATLAB/Simulink software. The simulations are verified source voltage, current and load current as well as compensating current. The FOSMC has maintained a constant supply current when connecting non-linear load. The hardware results are also presented in the manuscript. The hardware results are supply current, voltage, compensating current, and load current.


DSTATCOM; FOSMC; harmonics; power quality; reactive power

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