Investigating the effects of corrosion parameters on the surface resistivity of transformer’s insulating paper using a two-level factorial design

Nur Farhana Mohd Azlan, Sharin Ab Ghani, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Imran Sutan Chairul, Mohamad Nazri Mohamad Din


The integrity of the insulation in oil-filled power transformers, shunt reactors, and high voltage bushings can be affected when copper dissolves in the insulating oil and then deposits onto the paper insulation. The presence of dissolved copper in the oil increases dielectric losses, while copper deposition significantly improves the conductivity of the paper insulation. Various factors, including temperature, oxygen, sulfur groups, passivators, and ageing time, have been found to contribute to the acceleration of corrosion activity in transformer insulating oils. Unfortunately, there is a lack of extensive research focused on systematically analysing and measuring the impact of corrosion-related factors on the dissolution of copper in transformer insulating oils and the deposition of copper onto solid insulation surfaces (Kraft paper). Therefore, this study aims to thoroughly examine the effects of corrosion factors on copper and sulfur deposition on Kraft paper insulation when it is submerged in transformer mineral oil (TMO). Using a two-level (2k) factorial design, we investigated three crucial factors: i) oil temperature, ii) elemental sulfur concentration, and iii) ageing time. It is worth mentioning that the results obtained from the two-level factorial design indicate that the surface resistivity is primarily affected by the temperature of the oil. This factor alone explains a significant 38.68% of the observed variation. In order to improve predictability, a regression model was created to estimate the surface resistivity of TMO-impregnated paper insulation. This model takes into account factors such as oil temperature, elemental sulfur concentration, and ageing time.


design of experiment; experiment parameters; factorial design; kraft paper; mineral insulating oil; surface resistivity; transformer

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