Fuzzy logic-based approach for optimal allocation of distributed generation in a restructured power system

Mahiban Lindsay, M. Emimal


Fuzzy logic emerges as a powerful tool for optimizing power flow solutions, particularly in the context of deregulated power systems. By employing fuzzy logic controls, the ideal placement of distribution generators (DGs) can be determined, ensuring the reliability indices are identified through optimal power flow solutions and fuzzy logic controllers to maintain system feasibility. In a deregulated power system, strategic placement of distribution generator units plays a crucial role in minimizing power loss and enhancing overall system performance by mitigating fluctuations. To identify areas of weakness, especially within transmission companies, accessing optimal power flow algorithms becomes essential in a deregulated power system. Both transmission and distribution networks should be appropriately adjusted to alleviate congestion within the respective companies. The aggregator must assess system performance, utilizing data obtained from distribution and transmission companies within the deregulated power system.


distributed generation; fuzzy logic; power loss; power system optimization; restructured power system

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v13.i1.pp123-129


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