Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for An Optimal Solution for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem

Sandeep Bhongade, Sourabh Agarwal


In India Electrical Energy is generated mainly Coal based Thermal Power stations and hydro Electric Power Stations. The main aim of power generating company is to provide good quality and reliable power to consumers at minimum cost. The problem of Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch  deals with the minimization of both fuel cost and emission of pollutants such as oxides of Nitrogen and Oxides of Sulphur. In our power system the emission is major problem created that’s why in now a days we move from green energy source or renewable energy such as Sunlight, Wind, Tides, Wave, and Geothermal Heat Energy. The Emission constrained Economic Dispatch problem treats the emission limit as an additional constraint and optimizes the fuel cost. In this paper we optimizes the Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch problem by using two different optimization method such as Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) and Genetic Algorithm (GA).The proposed ABC Algorithm has been successfully implemented is to IEEE 30 bus and Indian Utility sixty two Bus System The simulation result are compare and found the effective algorithm for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch problem.

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