Multiple Submission (Simultaneous Submissions) and Prior Publication

Dear Authors,

Authors should only submit original work that has not previously been published or is currently under review for another refereed publication. The Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) and Intelektual Pustaka Media Utama (IPMU) does not allow manuscripts under review in a journal or conference proceeding to be under review for another publication at the same time.

Simultaneous submissions should be avoided because they may result in copyright violations or disputes if the work is published in multiple publications and consumes the production and financial resources of more than one publication that could have been used for other research. Multiple publications waste money and space, do not provide full value to members and libraries, and cause citation and indexing confusion. It should be avoided.

Authors who fail to properly cite their previous work or who submit the same manuscript to two or more publications without informing the editor that the paper is under review by another publication may face disciplinary actions such as:

1. A reminder that the action is unethical scholarly practice
2. A requirement to submit an apology to the editors, and/or
3. Authors are suspenseful of publication in the IAES journals for one year.

Your cooperation is very appreciated

Best Regards,
IJAPE Editorial Office