Optimal Placement of D-STATCOM Using Hybrid Genetic and Ant Colony Algorithm to Losses Reduction

Askar Bagherinasab, Mahmoud Zadehbagheri, Saifulnizam Abdul Khalid, Majid Gandomkar, Naziha Ahmad Azli


In this work, a modern algorithm by hybrid genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm is designed to placement and then simulated to determine the amount of reactive power by D-STATCOM. Also this method will be able to minimize the power system losses that contain power loss in transmission lines. Furthermore, in this design a IEEE 30-bus model depicted and three D-STATCOM are located in this system according to Economic Considerations. The optimal placement of each D-STATCOM is computed by the ant colony algorithm. In order to optimize placement for each D-STATCOM, two groups of ant are selected, which respectively located in near nest and far from the nest. Moreover, for every output simulation of D-STATCOM that is used to produce or absorb of reactive power, a genetic algorithm to minimizing the total network losses is applied. Finally, the result of this simulation shows net losses reduction about 150% that it verifies the new algorithm performance.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijape.v2.i2.pp53-60


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