Control of power converter used for electric vehicle DC charging station with the capability of balancing distribution currents and reactive power compensation

Moien A. Omar


This paper presents a control scheme of power converter used for electric vehicles DC charging station connected to a three-phase distribution feeder. The transformer is employed to connect single-phase photovoltaic inverters and single phase loads to the main grid. This makes the distribution transformer to work with unbalanced operations which leads to overload conditions and inefficient operation. The proposed control scheme makes the AC/DC converter to convert the AC grid power to DC power required for charging the electric vehicle. Moreover it makes the currents of the transformer to be balanced with unity power factor to avoid frequent shutdowns due to overload conditions .  The power converter control scheme are examined and simulated considering unbalanced distribution feeder with single phase PV inverters and single phase loads. Simulations are performed in Matlab/Simulink to show the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

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