Five-Phase Induction Motor DTC-SVM scheme with PI controller, Fuzzy Logic controller and ANN controller



In this paper an effective direct torque control (DTC) for a 5-phase induction motor with sinusoidal distributed windings is developed. First by coordinate transformation, the converter/motor models are represented by two independent equivalent d-q circuit models; and the 5-phase VSI input are decoupled into the torque producing and non-torque producing harmonics sets. This project analyse design of space vector modulation based direct torque controlled (DTC-SVM) five-phase induction motor incorporated with fuzzy controller and ANN controller and has given a comparison with PI controller. This fuzzy controller and ANN controller is employed to improve the control performance parameters such as reducing torque & flux ripple, reducing the settling and rise time compare to that of PI controller. The modelling and simulation is performed in MATLAB, it shows that with intelligent control the performance parameters have been improved and drive system could be operated at low speed.


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